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Viestura Iela 31, Jurmala


Ceramic Pro is a premium car detailing centre in Riga and Jurmala that provides a wide range of car care services. Thanks to quality materials and professionalism of our masters, we help to preserve the appearance of new cars for many years to come, and give new life to used cars, making them look as if they have just left the showroom.

Detailing centre services

In our Detailing Studio we will make your car body shiny, your interior clean and remove all scratches and dents without painting. And that's not all we can do.

The range of detailing services that we provide also includes:

  • premium car wash and interior cleaning;
  • bodywork protection with Ceramic Pro nano-ceramic;
  • coating polishing;
  • headlight polishing;
  • interior protection
  • interior dry cleaning;
  • antibacterial treatment of air conditioning system;
  • window tinting;
  • windscreen "anti-rain" treatment;
  • antigravy film coating;
  • repair and restoration of leather interior;
  • detaling of the engine compartment;
  • nano-ceramic disc protection
  • removal of odours from the salon (ozone treatment)

At Ceramic Pro Detailing Centre the main thing for us is quality, result and your emotions, that is why we develop an individual approach to each car and its owner. Together with us you can transform the appearance of your car beyond recognition.

Nano-coating and car body protection

We use only quality materials, which we have independently tested and made sure of their effectiveness and reliability. That's why, when it comes to applying ceramics to the bodywork, we choose the best Ceramic Pro 9H nano-ceramic coating. It is suitable for all cars and has incredible durability, perfect shine, protects against fading, oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, environmental pollution, reduces the adhesion of dirt, snow, ice and these are not all the advantages.

If you take care of your car, you should choose only the best car detaling, which you will get in the Ceramic Pro workshop.

We pay special attention to every detail, whether it is detailing of the interior, engine compartment or exterior. With us, your car will look better than new from the showroom. Besides, you can always consult with us on any question during working hours or leave your request on the website and we will contact you to clarify the details.

The cost of detailing

Detailing is a service that can be affordable for everyone, so the prices for car detailing in our studio are reasonable. We provide a wide enough choice of services, as well as premium materials, for the quality of which, as well as for the professionalism of the work performed, we vouch for. We provide a warranty on all services, so you can be confident in your choice.

Contact our Riga Detailing Centre and rest assured that we will provide you with quality services.

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