Anti-gravel film

One of the best ways to protect your car from minor mechanical damage is to apply an anti-gravel film. Gravel and small stones that regularly bounce off the wheels of other cars and hit yours will no longer be able to cause damage.

It is an effective solution that will keep your paintwork intact for a long time and avoid the need for polishing or painting soon after.

We only work with the best films from leading manufacturers and guarantee

  • Full transparency and imperceptibility of the film;
  • High durability;
  • No yellowing due to sun exposure;
  • Resistant to temperature changes.

The main thing is that the film does not spoil the look of your car. You just can’t see it! In our work, we use high-quality films that meet the highest quality standards of global companies. You can rest assured that our KAVACA PPF and XPEL vinyl films will keep your car looking great for a long time.

Latest technology

Kavaca PPF is a high-tech paint protection film developed by Nanoshine LTD, the world renowned manufacturer of Ceramic Pro.

This high performance aliphatic polyurethane film is designed to protect surfaces from scratches, corrosion, chemicals and other impacts. It also improves appearance! 

Years of extensive research have led to the development of the ideal protective film to be used in combination with Ceramic Pro coatings for maximum results. It can be used in combination with the Ceramic Pro protective coatings, or as an independent product.

Retains visual attractiveness

Kavaca PPF paint protection is produced with the most modern technologies and top-quality components. With its impressive looks, it acts as a regenerating protective layer, preventing damage to the paintwork from minor scratches and chips.

Long-lasting and self-extending, Kavaca PPF keeps the surface in its original state.

Areas of use

  • Automotive industry
  • Marine industry
  • Public transport
  • Urban infrastructure

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