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Antibacterial treatment of the air conditioning system

The benefits of air conditioning system antibacterial treatment:

  • protects against pathogenic germs
  • prevents allergic reactions to dust and chemical compounds
  • eliminates unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment

The influence of a cabin filter on a microclimate of a car often remains underestimated. However, it not only cleans and refreshes the air entering the passenger compartment but can also be the cause of various respiratory illnesses. Dust collected on the filter, moisture in the air, products of brake pad wear, and chemical compounds from exhaust gases create an unhealthy microclimate.

To solve these problems not only the regular replacement of the cabin filter but also a special antibacterial treatment of the air conditioning system can be helpful.

Regular disinfection neutralises parasitic bacteria, prevents unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment and prevents the windows from misting up when the air conditioning system is on in autumn and winter. It is recommended to disinfect the air conditioning system every three months.

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