Car body protection with Ceramic Pro nano-ceramic

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Nano coatings for cars – benefits and nuances

It is no secret that in our highly advanced technological times, scientists are developing such materials, coatings and methods of treatment of the car and all its parts that even in the head does not fit, how could invent such an outlandish thing. One such high-tech invention is the protective and paint coating of a car using the results of nano-developments.

Ceramic Pro – ceramic coatings for all vehicle surfaces

Nano-ceramic protectors, once applied to the car body, strengthen the paintwork and create a hard film on the surface of the paintwork that blocks the influence of acids, alkalis, salts and organic compounds, protects against minor scratches, repels dirt, gives a rich colour and an elegant sheen.

Benefits of the Ceramic Pro coating

  • Reduces the risk of mineralization (deposition of salts) and organic pollutants;
  • Protects against UV rays;
  • Works longer than conventional waxes, silants;
  • Reduces the buildup of dirt, snow, and ice;
  • Protects against efflorescence, oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, and pollution from the environment;
  • Ceramic coatings can be coated with traditional wax;
  • There are special coatings for all areas of the vehicle;
  • Provides long-lasting shine and protection.

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