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from 150 €

Car dry-cleaning

The benefits of dry-cleaning the interior:

  • removes dust and stains
  • freshens up the colour of the interior material
  • Highly reduces the number of pathogenic organisms.
  • prevents the premature deterioration of the interior materials;
  • does not cause allergies

Dry cleaning is one of the services most people turn to only when the interior is completely soiled. However, it is worthwhile to have it cleaned before it is absolutely necessary.

Periodic cleaning and scrubbing of the car interior will significantly reduce the population of disease-causing germs which can range from food poisoning to pneumonia to toxic shock. They enter your car on the soles of your boots and outerwear and multiply actively, especially in autumn and winter.

To protect yourself and your passengers, it is advisable to have the interior dry-cleaned every 3-4 months.

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