Ceramic Pro 9H

The Ceramic Pro 9H nano-ceramic multifunctional car body coating protects against accidental damage and the negative effects of the environment. The Ceramic PRO 9H coating is transparent, but makes the color of the car glossier, more saturated and bright.

The presence of special filters in the coating blocks ultraviolet radiation. The result is a protected car surface, the color of which does not fade in the sun.

Ceramic PRO 9H gives reliable protection against corrosion for more than 10 years. This coating creates a hydrophobic effect on the surface of the body by means of a high surface tension, as a result of which the liquid collects in drops and easily rolls off the surface, cleaning it from dust and dirt.

The high chemical resistance of Ceramic PRO 9H reliably protects the car body against reagents.


  • Each coat increases the thickness of the paintwork up to 2 μm.
  • Applied in several layers (1 to 12)
  • Surface hardness up to 9H
  • Superhydrophobic effect
  • Withstands 120 and more washings
  • Increases resistance to chips and scratches with every layer
  • Resistant to chemicals and UV radiation
  • Renews color and imparts glossy shine
  • Also applies to exterior plastic bodywork, optics, rims, and chrome parts
  • Makes the surface easier to clean
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection for 10+ years
  • Anti-graffiti property
  • Anti-rain and anti-ice
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