Ceramic Pro TAG

Ceramic Pro TAG is an amazing and innovative double-action solution, representing a new generation of protective products. Making your car interior clean and safe is easy with products made with the technology of the future. The base of the Ceramic Pro TAG is a unique composition of titanium dioxide and silver, with a broad disinfectant and antimicrobial action. Covering any surface with this substance creates a very thin protective film, which under the influence of direct sunlight or heat absorbs and destroys microbes, viruses, bacteria and neutralizes compounds of heavy metals and toxic elements. Thanks to the presence of silver nano-particles in the Ceramic Pro TAG, protection is extended even to areas not exposed to sunlight. For six months the interior of your car will remain clean and safe. As you know, the concentration of harmful compounds in the interior of a car is quite high. Dust containing heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, and pathogens is deposited on the surfaces. Neutralize all this with Ceramic Pro TAG! This product has also proven itself and is used for disinfection and protection in many areas – from medical facilities and beauty salons to private apartments and homes.


  • Antibacterial and antiviral effect
  • TiO2 + Ag – a double solution
  • air purifier
  • disinfectant properties
  • excellent weatherability
10% to 60% off!

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