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Headlight polishing

The benefits of headlight polishing:

  • restores the transparency of the optics
  • increases passive safety
  • it is recommended to protect headlights with an anti-gravel film to prevent further deterioration.

Perfect condition of headlights, their brightness and cleanliness is a guarantee of aesthetic appearance of your car and road safety. Used cars rarely boast crystal-clear headlights. Exterior exposure turns a smooth surface into a scratched and chipped one.

Headlight polishing helps get rid of microcracks, chips and scratches. It prevents them enlarging, which could lead to repairs or even replacing parts.

Automotive optics are restored to their original appearance. Modern car optics is made of durable polycarbonate with high-strength outer layer for safety purposes. It absorbs all mechanical impacts: sand, gravel, brushes, and it gradually wears down and becomes dull. As long as the protective layer is not worn out, it can be polished. With repeated and subsequent restoration, the protective layer of the headlights is depleted, so in conjunction with polishing the optics, it is recommended to apply a 3M Venture Shield protective film.

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