Nanoceramic wheel rims protection

Rims play a significant role in the care of the appearance of the car. They are particularly affected by bitumen, road dust, and the reagents used in winter.

The solution to many of these problems is Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, which is specifically formulated for discs. This product takes into account difficult weather conditions and temperature conditions of our latitudes, and thus protects from mud and chemical effects of the environment. Rims get dirty much less and are easy to clean.

The protective composition Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper has a strong hydrophobic effect, prevents fouling of rims with all kinds of road dirt, and is an additional protective layer for the rims paint. Thanks to the unique composition a special protective layer appears on the surface of the rim, which protects the surface from the aggressive environment.

Protective coating for wheel rims and calipers:

  • Provides a super-hydrophobic effect
  • Increases resistance to corrosion and UV radiation
  • Increases protection against mechanical impact
  • Renews and saturates the color
  • Resists aggressive media and protects from chemicals
  • Guarantees resistance to high temperatures
  • Makes it easier to clean the surface
  • Protects wheels from metal deposits

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