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from 30 €

Ozone interior treatment

The benefits of car ozone treatment:

  • Eliminates the most persistent unpleasant odours
  • Creates a high concentration of ozone that converts into oxygen
  • Kills harmful bacteria

The distinctive smell and feeling of freshness and cleanliness after a thunderstorm is the effect of ozone. Ozone deodorisation can help to achieve a similar result in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. It eliminates the smell of pets, groceries, nicotine tar and mould.

The treatment is conducted with the help of an ozone generator. Ozone is an environmentally-friendly agent – unlike most other chemicals used for disinfection, it produces no toxic compounds, and its traces in the air and on surfaces are spontaneously converted into oxygen.

Ozone treatment of the passenger compartment is a necessary complement to dry cleaning, helping to definitively defeat germs and bacteria and to protect against allergic reactions.

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