Polishing the paintwork


Car bodywork protection polishing is used to prevent damage to the paintwork.


A restorative polishing treatment is used to partially or completely restore a vehicle’s paintwork. It, therefore, comes in two varieties:

  • gentle restorative car polishing
  • Restorative abrasive polishing

Let us try to understand why we need to polish the car body, and what kind of polishing to prefer? So, the need for a particular type of car polishing is determined by the final goal – protection or restoration of the paintwork. Paint protects most of the body surface from the corrosion process. But the paint coat is rather easily covered with micro-cracks and visible defects. These small imperfections allow corrosive substances to penetrate under the paint which initiates an outwardly unnoticeable corrosion process. This in turn exacerbates the damage to the paintwork and corrosion can form on intact, unaffected areas. When the car owner notices the defect, he or she will already have to spend a lot of money to stop the corrosion process and restore the paintwork. Car polishing is therefore essential for the prevention of bodywork corrosion.

The advantages of headlight polishing:

  • restores the transparency of the optics
  • increases passive safety
  • it is advisable to protect the headlight with an anti-grav film to prevent further damage

Perfect condition of headlights, their brightness, and cleanliness is the key to the aesthetic appearance of your car and road safety. Used cars rarely boast crystal-clear headlamps. Exterior exposure turns a smooth surface into a scratched and chipped one.

Headlight polishing helps get rid of microcracks, chips, and scratches. It prevents them enlarging, which could lead to repairs or even replacing parts.

Automotive optics are restored to their original appearance. Modern car optics is made of durable polycarbonate with a high-strength outer layer for safety purposes. It absorbs all mechanical impacts: sand, gravel, brushes, and it gradually wears down and becomes dull. As long as the protective layer is not worn out, it can be polished. Repainting and subsequent refinishing deplete the protective layer of the headlamps, therefore we recommend protecting the headlamp with a Ceramic Pro Kavaca Ceramic COATED polyurethane anti-gravel film after polishing the headlight. ( XPEL, LLUMAR, Suntek, STEK, Hexis, 3M, Premium Shield, )


Paintwork polishing

  • Paint protection
  • Restoration Polishing
  • DeLuxe Polishing
  • Paintwork repairs (dust, orange, shagreen)
  • Polishing repair (highlights, whirlpools, risks, circles)
  • Paint protection: Ceramic Pro Light, Ceramic Pro 9H
  • Headlight polishing

Polishing from 150 €

Headlight polishing from 30 €

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